Sunday, January 11, 2015

Her First Day (Part 17)

He left the hospital, heading for the garden area where there were benches for people to sit on while they were waiting for news of their loved ones. He found the first empty bench and sat down. Pulling out his cellphone, he dialed the office. He was scared for Missy. Her first day with them had not gone as she planned. He liked her. From the few short hours he had with her, he knew she was the perfect fit for the team. They needed a bright, young, lawyer on their team to compete with the other firms out there. Missy’s quick rise to the top at Farmer and Sons was a testament to her go getting spirit. They needed to have her working for them. She was the missing piece to their puzzle. She had to heal. He would see to it that Farmer paid for all her medical expenses. Whether it was him or her father, she would be well compensated. He hoped she would not quit on them or run away. He would take care of her, it was just who he was. “Andrew, what’s the latest?” “She is still in the hospital. I am not sure as to when she will be getting out. She had a seizure. They think it was due to the multiple hits on the head she suffered during the encounter. They are running tests on her to make a proper diagnosis.” “Are you kidding me?” “No, it was bad. One of the worst things I had ever seen. When my wife was sick, I had never seen anything like this. I am not sure what to do?” “Come back to the office. You don’t need to go through this again. It is too soon for you.” “I can’t do that. She needs someone here with her.” “I will call her family. She listed emergency contacts on her application. Someone will be there soon.” “I will stay until they arrive, just in case.” “Okay, I will pull her file from personnel and make the phone calls on her behalf.” “Thanks,” he said. “I am going to head back into her room and wait.” “Okay, we will see you soon.” Holland hung up the phone. Instead of making his way back to the room, he sat there staring out into the expansive garden of flowers. It was supposed to be a tranquil place, but all it did for him was bring up the memories of his wife. She loved flowers. She had planted several varieties around their home. Since her passing, he couldn’t bear to look at them. The final group died out just a week ago. Tears formed on the rims of his eyes. He tried to fight them back, but lost that battle. They flowed down his cheeks for several minutes, until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He quickly wiped his face with the backs of his hands. Looking up, he saw the sweet face nurse he encountered in the hallway.

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