Saturday, January 3, 2015

Her First Day (Part 15)

Missy’s body shook and bucked off the bed. Holland’s eyes widened as the one nurse climbed on top of her. “We need to get her to stop. Mr. Holland go get another nurse. Tell her we need 10ccs of Dilantin, now,” screamed the nurse. Holland stood there for a minute. His feet would not move from the floor. His eyes were wide and still staring. “Mr. Holland, did you hear me. We need that medicine now, before we are unable to bring her out of this.” “Yeah, yeah, sorry,” he said, coming out of his fear induced trance. He went from the room making a right toward the nurse’s station. He spotted one of them before he made it all the way there. “Miss?” “What can I help you with?” asked the young brunette. “Room 302, she is having a bad seizure. The nurses already in there asked that I come and get someone and tell them they need 10ccs of Dilantin.” “I will be right in with it,” she said hurrying to the desk. Opening the bottom left hand drawer, she pulled out a vial and needle. Stabbing the top of the vial, she pulled the plunder of the needle, filling it with the medication. She put the vial in her pocket and followed Holland down the hall. Entering the room, she could see they were in a dire situation. This was one of the worst ones she had seen happen. She grabbed the IV, inserting the needed into it, she administered the medicine. They watched as she continued to shake and buck. “Why aren't you giving her more?” Holland asked in a panic. “Give it a minute. It takes a minute to infiltrate her system,” said the brunette who administered the medicine. Missy’s body began to calm down. The bucking stopped all together. The shaking began to slow. Her eyes fluttered open and she calmed down. The nurse, who had straddled her, went over to her. Taking the dowel from her mouth. “Missy? Can you hear me?” “Hmmm,” she said. “Missy, I need you to answer me in a sentence. Can you hear me?” “Yes, I can,” she croaked out. Her throat dry and scratchy from the ordeal. “Good, we have a question for you. Have you ever had a seizure before?” “No, why do you ask?” “Because you just had one. A bad one. You gave us quite a scare here.” “Sorry,” she said, absently rubbing her throat. Holland poured her a glass of water, handing it to her. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome,” he said, giving her a weak smile. “There is no reason to be sorry. We are just going to have to run some more test before we let you go home. During your ordeal with Mr. Farmer were you knocked on the head?” “Yes. He slammed my head into the dashboard. I was knocked out until we got wherever it was he took me. Then I remember hitting my head again when we got to the cabin.”

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