Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Her First Day (Part 2)

His cherry wood desk was accompanied by a high back chocolate brown office chair. He motioned her to sit across from him in one of the matching chocolate brown leather chairs in front of his desk. She sat down, tentatively. He waited for her to look up at him before speaking. Her hazel eyes shone with specs of green and light brown as her gaze met his.
“Mrs. Herring,” he started.
“It’s Ms. Herring,” she said, not quite sure why she felt the need to correct him.
“Okay, Ms. Herring, welcome to our office.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. How much experience do you have in criminal law?”
“I am very experienced. I worked as a paralegal for five years before going for my PhD. I continued to work as a paralegal while pursuing my degree. I never missed a beat when it came to my cases or my classes. I graduated top of the class.”
“That is all great, but tells me nothing. I asked how much experience you had not what you did in school. Have you ever tried a case or assisted in trying a case?”
“I was second chair on most of my former boss’s cases. He wanted me to get the courtroom experience.”
“Good, so you are familiar with the courtroom.”
“Good, that is less I will have to teach you. You worked at Farmer and Gold, correct?”
“Why did you leave?” he asked. She knew this question was going to come. She was just hoping it wasn’t today. She didn’t want to reveal her past to anyone just yet.
“I had an issue with one of the other lawyers,” she mustered. Issue wasn’t the word for it. Mr. Farmer’s son was an obsessive asshole that wouldn’t leave her alone. He wanted her to date him and she refused. Telling him no wasn’t going to fly with him. He kept harassing her. It would start as soon as she walked into the office in the morning. He would corner her and tell her all the things he wanted to do to her and what he wanted her to do to him. He called her on her cellphone at night. She even changed her number, but that bastard got a hold of it and kept it up. She even went to Mr. Farmer about it. She thought he would do something about it. She was wrong. Even though, he had been the one to hire her and take her on all of his cases, he still favored his son. Finally, she couldn’t take it. She searched for another job. She didn’t want to leave the one she had, but she was no longer comfortable there. She found this one and came in for an interview. Thankfully, they saw her record and hired on the spot without too many questions.
“An issue?”

“Yes,” she said, a little embarrassed. She knew what he was assuming about her, but it was far from the truth. Should she let him think what he wanted or explain the situation to him?

To be continued....... 

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