Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Her First Day (Part 1)

She studied her face in the mirror. Her porcelain skin was flawless. It was the first day of her new job and not a blemish in sight. Normally, her nerves would have gotten the best of her and she would have seen the stress on her face. Today, there was nothing. She was excited to start this new adventure in her already illustrious career. She hoped the day went just as smoothly as the interview process. She finished getting ready. Her black pinstriped pencil skirt paired perfectly with her white three quarter sleeve button up blouse and matching jacket. She accented the entire outfit with her red pumps, ruby earrings and the ruby solitaire necklace her mother gave to her when she landed her first job as a lawyer. The slight punch of color made for a perfect ensemble. She checked herself over in the full length mirror one last time before grabbing her briefcase and heading out the door. She didn't want to be late her first day on the job.
She drove to her new office. She parked her car in her newly designated spot in the parking garage. Checking in with security, she made her way to her new office. The elevator ride to the fifty second floor seemed to take forever. There were intermittent stops along the way for extra passengers getting on and off. No one spoke to her. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get their office and start their day. She relished the quite as the doors finally opened up to her floor. She was greeted by the same woman who she saw before her interview. Her warm, friendly smile lit up the room.
“Good morning, Ms. Herring.”
“Good morning.”
“Welcome to our firm. Please let me show you to your office.”
“Thank you.”
“Follow me,” she said rising from her seat. They walked down the hall to the back corner office. It was small, but it would suit her needs just fine. The oak desk sat at the center of the room. There were books shelves on both sides lined with law books. She sat her briefcase down on her desk as she walked around to sit in her chair. She turned her computer on as her phone began ringing.
“Good morning, Melissa Herring’s office. How may I help you?”
“Good morning, Ms. Herring.”
“Good morning.”
“This is Mr. Holland. Can I see you in my office for a moment? We need to consult on a case.”
“Sure, I will be right there,” she said standing up from her seat. She could see a man across the office watching her. He waved at her. “I am going to guess that is you waving at me?”
“Yes, it is.”
“Okay, I will be right there,” she said hanging up the phone and grabbing her legal pad and pen. Making her way across the office, she noticed his striking features. His piercing blue eyes were the first thing that grabbed her attention as she entered his large office.

To be continued………

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