Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Dive

While I may not have won the flash fiction contest I entered.  I am still very proud of my story. We are given a prompt, aka a painting or picture to get inspiration from. Here is what I wrote:

Carolina had been on 50 dives. To her, solo dives where more exciting. Diving off the coast of Florida allowed her to see so many wonders. The beautiful, rusty, orange coral peeking up through the floor of the crystal, blue waters and the many different colors of fish swimming all around her always gave her joy. She found a cave and began to explore it.

There was a small opening in the cave above her. She could see the water above with bright white of the sky. A shadow passed overhead.

Curiosity and fear took over. She was afraid the shadow may have been a shark. What she found was something completely different. A boat of pirates had stopped just past where the cave was. She could see them diving one by one into the ocean and headed her way. She swam back toward the cave, swimming deeper into the confines of the cave than she had before. She came upon what she believed the pirates were after. There was jewelry hidden in the cave. She heard their approach. There was only one way in or out of the cave. Panic set in. She tried to hide in the shadow of the water. One of the men had an underwater light. He shined it around the cave, spotting her. One of the men swam toward her. Her back was against the wall. She kicked and flailed her arms wildly. He smashed her head against the back wall. All went dark.

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