Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sara's Way

It was Halloween night when one sleepy little neighborhood went from being quite and peaceful to disturbed. Sara was 12 years old that fall. It was going to be her first Halloween she got to walk the neighborhood with her friends. She could not wait. After dinner, she put her costume on. She was going as Bat Girl. She donned the black outfit with her cape and mask. Her three friends showed up just as she ran down the stairs.

“Sara, take a jacket with you,” her mother said.

“Aw, but mom,” Sara whined.

“It is going to get cold out and you just got over a cold.You don’t need another.”

“Okay,” Sara said. She put her jacket on. She left the house after giving her mother a brief hug. Walking along through the neighborhood the kids stopped at every house with a light on.

“Let’s go to the next neighborhood,” said Heather. “I heard they give out better candy than what we get here.”

“Okay,” said Sara. They cut through the woods to the next neighborhood. Hitting as many houses as they could before the rain began to fall.The girls ran back through the woods. Sara dropped her pillowcase of candy. She stopped to pick it up, falling behind. When she looked up, her friends were gone. Sara walked along the woods. She came to a tree she thought she saw before.  She kept walking until she reached a clearing. She did not remember the clearing before. She began to panic. She saw a light up in the distance. She walked toward it, passing by an oak tree where he was waiting for her. She only got a few more feet before two strong arms grabbed her from behind. One hand went over her mouth to stifle her scream, the other arm around her waist lifting her off the ground. Again, she dropped her pillowcase of candy. The man carried her to the house. Opening the screen door with his foot, he carried her inside. Taking her to the back room by the kitchen, he tied her to the bedpost. Sara struggled, trying her best to get away. She kicked at him and screamed. No one could hear her. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife. He came back with a grin across his chapped lips, revealing gnarled, and blackened teeth. He sliced off her costume and into her stomach, pulling out her intestines. Sara screamed at the beginning, but stopped after only a few seconds. He like the sounds of their screams.

When she did not come home, her mother went looking for her.  Her friends could not remember her following them home. A search party was formed. They found Sara’s mangled, cutup body in the clearing of the woods. A cross was put there in her memory. That clearing is now known as Sara’s Way. They never found the man who mutilated her. It is said he still lives in that town. Children of that neighborhood are warned to never go into Sara’s Way. 

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