Friday, August 22, 2014

***Exclusive Sneak Peek of Her Tale of Two Lovers (unedited)***

Annie was a dark haired hazel eyed beautiful girl. She lived in a very small town that really had nothing for her to do in terms of the things she liked. Annie was and always had been a lover of music in general. She never discriminated against a genre. As far as she was concerned all music deserved an audience. Music to her was a form of one’s self-expression. The more people heard the songs the more they could relate them into their own lives. Everyone has their form of expressing themselves. For Annie, it was poetry. She had days where all she did was write poetry to express the hurt she had felt from her past and to move on from it. Annie had always been a shy girl that never seen herself as everyone else did. Being the shy girl that she was, Annie was a keep to herself kind of girl until one day she embarked on a whole new journey in her life. She decided to actually leave the confines of her happy home and try something completely out of the ordinary, especially for a girl like her. She would take long drives on the weekend to see live music. That became her favorite thing to do from the moment she stepped foot in that place and seen her first local band. That is where she met him. The guy she gave her heart to and he never knew. Jake was the lead singer in a band that she fell in love with for their music before she noticed him. Jake was a fair haired, blue eyed guy, full of tattoos and piercings. He was the complete opposite of Annie, but always the guy she fell for. For almost a year, she did nothing but think about him. How much she wanted to be with him, how much she just wanted him to love her like she did him. He flirted and so did she. Neither one of them made that first move. Then one day during a music festival she had been drinking and had decided she would tell him her feelings. That is the day he walked in with her, Stella, the girl he had chosen to date. Stella was the complete opposite of Annie. She was beautiful and seemed to be really nice. Annie never looked at herself as beautiful in anyway shape or form. She was the “sweet” girl that everyone seemed to like once they got to know her. Annie was the girl that always had her guard up from things stemming from her past tryst. But when she let you in, she gave you her all. For better or worse, it was who she was.
            The same night that Jake showed up with Stella was the same night Annie met Markus. Markus was the bass player in another local band that Annie had seen before. Markus was like Annie in a lot of ways, more ways than the two of them could have ever imagined. They both had the same shy qualities and both seemed to be guarded. They had a small group of people who they could trust and those are the people who they kept close to their hearts. They quickly learned a lot about one another and became friends. Annie enjoyed going to see Markus’s band play as well as still seeing Jake’s band. Markus had chocolate hair and dark mocha eyes and just a hint of tattoos and piercings. Their first conversation lasted a good two hours. They talked about everything from the different types of music they liked to movies they both enjoyed. They both missed their home states. Annie was from Pennsylvania and Markus was from Wisconsin. They both now resided in Florida where the local music scene was prominent with musicians that wrote their own material and just wanted to be heard. There were very few outlets that would allow these musicians to be in the spotlight and showcase their heart felt songs. The ones that did are where Annie would run into Markus the most. They both shared a love and appreciation for the local music scene. Annie might not have been a musician but she knew talent when she heard and seen it. Markus being a hard working musician would go out as often as he could to show his support and understanding to his fellow musician. When Markus wasn't on stage and just hanging out is when they did most of their talking. Both would have smiles that could light up the room. Their group of friends soon noticed a connection between the two of them that they hadn't seen either of them have with anyone else. Annie and Markus began dating. Annie always enjoyed walking arm in arm with Markus so she could feel his bicep.  At the end of their dates, when he would pull her in close and wrap his arms around her for a tight hug, she never wanted it end.  They had been dating for two weeks, and tonight was the night she decided they would be together.  When Markus picked her up for their date, he was wearing a pair of charcoal grey slacks with a tight-fitting black t-shirt that showed off all his upper body muscle definition.  Annie could hardly contain herself.  She was in a red knee-length dress that defined every one of her curves.  He reached to give her a kiss and hug.
“You look sensational,” he said.
“Thank you, so do you,” she replied, smiling.
He kissed her with more passion than he ever had before.  She didn't want him to stop.  She pulled him in for another kiss and this time she wasn't stopping there.  She reached and pulled his shirt off.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.
“Yes,” she answered, breathing heavily.
He kissed her again, reaching behind to unzip her dress.  He pulled her dress part of the way down and held it there, restraining her hands.  Her mind raced.  She was getting more excited at the possibility of her being tied up and him having his way with her.  She kissed him more fiercely and he responded with a harder kiss of his own, he let her dress drop to the floor.  He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, all the while still kissing her.  He laid her on the bed, where she undid her bra and then she reached to undo his belt.  She slipped it off and he took it from her.  Slowly raising both her arms above her head, he looped the belt and slipped both her wrists through it and tied the other end to the bedpost.  When he leaned over her she could smell the sweet scent of his cologne, she took a deep breath. She was growing more excited as the moments passed.  He leaned over and kissed her hard, sliding his hand over her breasts and down her stomach.  She arched her back in anticipation of what was coming next.  He slipped his hand into her panties and she moaned.  He could feel her wetness at his slightest touch.  He slowly slipped off her panties and his pants.  He knelt between her legs and kissed and bit gently on her inner thigh.  She moaned loudly and he smiled to himself.  He ran his tongue up her clitoris just to taste her, and she quivered.  He kissed her navel and worked his way to her nipples.  She wanted to run her fingers through his hair and was even more turned on that she couldn't.  He gently licked and bit each nipple.  Her breath caught in her chest and she gasped.  He continued to work his way up to her neck.  He kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe.  She was on the verge of exploding. 
He finally entered her, and that was all it took to send her over the edge.  Her entire body shook with pleasure.  He smiled and continued on slowly, determined to drive her to that point again.  She wrapped her legs around him and moved her hips at a faster pace.  Without a word spoken between them, he got the message and matched his strides with hers.  Within moments they both reached the point of ecstasy.  This time she moaned loudly with her release and he let out a deep, guttural sigh.  He kissed her deeply and reached up to release her wrists from their restraint.  She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again. 
“I wasn't sure if you would be into that,” he said.
“I had no idea that you were into that kind of thing.  It was a complete turn on for me,” she said.
“I could tell.  Maybe, we can try something a little more in-depth next time,” he said with a sly smile and a wink.  She smiled as her mind raced with the possibilities of just where this could go. 

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