Sunday, October 19, 2014

Her First Day (Part 6)

He headed toward the elevator, walking right past Missy's office. She was on the phone when she spotted him practically running past her door. She asked her contact to hold on. She headed toward the elevators.
"Hey, did you get a break on the case?" she asked, catching up to him.
"No," he said. "I need to take care of something important. I'll be back in a little bit and we can see where we stand on everything. I'll do some investigating while I am out."
"Okay," she said, retreating to her office. She wondered what he was up to, but knew she needed to get back to work. She had to impress her new boss on this case so she could finally get ahead in her career. She got back on the phone with her contact at the police station. Learning that she needed to go down there to see the files for herself, she grabbed her things and headed out. She arrived at the station. She was about to get out of her car when she spotted him. She slunk down in her seat, hoping he didn't see her. He caught her movements out of the corner of his eye. He recognized her car and her. He walked over to it, taping on her window. She groaned in disapproval, wanting to flee the scene, but knew she couldn't. She rolled down the window.
"There you are," he said, sticking his head into the car. "Why did you just up and leave? I could have made good on my promise. You could have been happy with me, but you chose to run. Your running days are over."
He reached through the window, unlocking the door. She tried to hold the door closed, but wasn't strong enough. She screamed. No one came to her rescue. He shoved her to the other side of the car, climbing in. She tried to climb out the passenger door, but he pulled her back in, grabbing her hair and slamming her head into the dashboard. Blood trickled down her forehead as everything went blurry and then dark. He sped off in her car with her slumped in the front seat. He drove onto the highway, accelerating his speed. He wanted to get to the cabin he had set up for the day he found her again. She would be his and only his. No one would have her. He got off of exit 238, heading toward the wooded area the cabin was tucked away in. For miles, there was nothing on this road. He was sure by the end, she would be his or she would be dead. He never bothered to look in his rearview mirror to see if he was being followed. There was a black car following him from the time he pulled away from the police station. He pulled down the long driveway to the cabin. She was beginning to stir. 'Good,' he thought. 'I need her to be awake for everything that is about to happen.'

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