Sunday, November 16, 2014

Her First Day (Part 10)

He kept up with them, pulling in right behind them as they reached County General. He swung his car into the parking lot. Parking it in the first available spot, he climbed out, running toward the ambulances. He reached them as they took Missy out. Following them through the emergency room doors, he was stopped by one of the orderlies.
"Sir, you need to wait here," he said, placing a hand on Holland's chest.
"But, she needs me."
"We understand that. I promise, I will come and get you as soon as we have her stabilized. Let us work on her first. Have a seat," he said. Holland walked over to the chairs and sat. He ran his hands through his hair. He stood up, pacing the room. They wheeled in Farmer, causing his blood to boil. He stormed over to the gurney. Farmer was just coming to. He tried to scramble off of the gurney when he spotted Holland.
"You son of a bitch, if there is anything major wrong with her, you can bet your ass I will be paying you another visit," he screamed, as they quickly wheeled Farmer through the doors. He paced back and forth for what seemed like hours before the doors opened again and the same orderly that stopped him came out. He waved him in through the door. He followed him, hoping he would pick up the pace.
"How is she?" he asked, as they passed a few curtain walls.
"She'll be fine. She has a concussion and some cuts and bruises, but other than that she doing pretty well. We need to get an x-ray of her face to make sure her orbital or cheek bones are not broken."
"Is she awake?"
"No. We need to get her information, but we can wait until she wakes up to get everything we need."
"I can supply you with some information, but not a lot. She just started working for me today. I need to ask you to have someone keep a close watch on her. The guy they brought in right after her is the one that attacked her."
"Shit," the orderly said, sprinting down the hall. Holland picked up his pace, keeping up with the orderly. They reached Missy's room to find Edwin standing next to her bed. They had placed him in the curtain room right next to her. The orderly rushed in, pulling Edwin away from the bed. He forced him back to the other side of the curtain. He checked the monitors to ensure she was still stable. He couldn't find anything wrong. He radioed for extra man power. Holland sat by Missy's side willing her to stay asleep until they got Farmer out of there. A few men showed up. They spoke out of Holland's earshot. The next thing he knew they were in the room with him asking him to back away so they could move Missy. He stepped aside, allowing them to work. He followed them as they moved her away from her stalker.

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