Saturday, November 8, 2014

Her First Day (Part 9)

Dirt flew up as the cops came into the driveway at a high speed. The first cop to jump out of the car was Ryan Barber, Missy's contact at the police station.
"Get your hands up and step away from her!" he screamed at Holland, pointing his gun in their direction. Holland let go of Missy's shoulders, raising his hands.
"Ryan, he's with me. He saved my life."
"Missy, are you okay?" he asked, running over to them as a few of the other officers went rushing past them. He got a better look at her face, using the radio strapped to his  shoulder to call for an ambulance. She saw a look of worry cross his face.
"I'll be fine," she said, attempting to ease his worry. She took a step toward him, stumbling. Holland had his arms around her in a flash. Ryan caught her around her shoulders.
"Missy, you're not fine. An ambulance is on the way. They will take you to the hospital."
"I don't need to go to the hospital. I just need to sit down," she said as her head swam. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she stumbled again. The world went black. Holland had her scooped in his arms before she even touched the ground. He carried her to his car. Ryan opened the door, allowing him to sit her in the front seat. Two ambulances pulled down the wooded driveway. Ryan went running to them. He directed the EMTs to Holland's car where a still passed out Missy sat in the front seat. The EMTs went over with a stretcher. They were able to wake Missy long enough to get her on the stretcher. They loaded her into the ambulance as the other EMTs were bringing out Farmer. Holland saw red again and headed in his direction. Ryan stopped him.
"He isn't worth it," he said putting his hand on Holland's chest in an attempt to stop him from doing any more damage. Holland stopped, looking at Ryan.
"He doesn't deserve to live."
"I understand where you are coming from and believe me justice will be served. I don't care who his father is, he will be put away for a very long time. You already done some fine tuning up on him. I am sure he will want to press charges, but I will put a stop to it. He won't see the light of day again, except through the prison bars. Go be with Missy, they are bringing her to County General."
"Thank you," Holland said, extending his hand to Ryan. Ryan took it, giving it one firm shake. Holland got in his car and drove off. He wanted to be the face she saw when she finally came to. He would not have it any other way. He sped down the highway toward the hospital. He caught up to the two ambulances, fuming as he realized they were both going to the same hospital. He did not want Farmer any where near her.

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