Sunday, November 23, 2014

Her First Day (Part 11)

She was moved to another floor. Holland was told he needed to wait outside the room until they got her settled. He paced the hallway. He could not take it. He wanted to be in there if she woke up. The nurses and orderlies walked out of the room. He rushed in to see she was still sleeping. He breathed a sigh of relief. He sat in the blue chair next to her bed. He watched her as she slept. She finally awoke after two hours.
"Hey," he said, as she rolled to look at him.
"Hi, Mr. Holland."
"Please, after the ordeal we went through today, you can call me Andrew or Andy."
"Okay, Andrew. Thank you for saving me. If you didn't show up, I don't know how far he would have done or how far he would have gone," she said, as a tear escaped her eye. She quickly wiped it away.
"Don't think about that," he said, reaching for her hand. She allowed him to take it. He ran his thumb along her knuckles, comforting her.
"I can't help it. He was going to rape me and may have killed me, if you didn't find us. I can't thank you enough," she said yawning. Sleep was overtaking her again.
"You need to rest," he said, bringing her hand his lips. He lightly kissed her knuckles. She fell asleep to the feel of his lips lightly grazing her knuckles. He waited to hear her breathing even out before he let go of her hand. He got up and left the room. What she said resonated in him. He was going to confront Farmer. Farmer needed to know he meant business. If he so much as called her again, he would be dealing with him again.  He did not want that. Holland was not going to let anything else happen to her. He would hire security for her. She would have twenty four hour protection on his dime. Farmer would never be able to get anywhere near her again. If he happened to slip by his security detail, he would be dealing with him again. And this time, he wouldn't make it to the hospital.
Holland stalked his way down the curtained wall toward Farmer's room. He found cops standing guard and Farmer screaming. They had cuffed him to the bed. He was not going to be going anywhere. The orderly who approached him when he first arrived came up to him.
"He won't be bothering her anytime soon."
"Thank you. Please make sure he doesn't escape."
"He won't. As soon as he gets the all clear from the doctor, he is headed straight to jail."
"Good. There is no better place for him. His father will get him out within hours. I am sure of it, but she will have around the clock security by that time. He will never get near her again."
"With the damage he did to her, he doesn't need to get to her. Listen, I heard him screaming, he may press charges against you. If I were you, I would steer clear of him until he leaves here."

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