Sunday, November 2, 2014

Her First Day (Part 8)

"Please, I'll do anything you want," she pleaded, scrambling away from him. She hit the wall between the kitchen and the living room. He reached her, snatching her up by her hair. He drug her across the floor to the couch, slamming her head into the coffee table before throwing her onto the couch. Her hands went to her nose. Blood was gushing out. She was certain it was broken. He pinned her down, climbing on top of her. He tried to rip her top off, but she fought back. She shoved him off of her. She tried to escape, but he pulled her back underneath him, ripping her shirt. She tried to cover herself up. He forced her arms abover her head, grabbing the rope he had fixed to the legs of the couch. Lying down on top of her, he tied her hands above her head.
She screamed. He tried to kiss her. She shook her head from side to side. He grabbed her face, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She bit down, hard, taking off the tip of his tongue. He pulled back, slugging her in the jaw. He knocked her out. He looked at her, smiling. He stood up, beginning to remove her pants, when the door to the cabin flew open. Splinters flew everywhere. Holland had kicked the door off the hinges. Holland set out on a dead run toward Farmer. Farmer did not have time to stand up straight to defend himself. Holland was on him, knocking him to the ground. He began punching him in the face. Farmer brought his arms up to protect himself, making Holland angrier. He punched farmer in the ribs, feeling them crack under his fist.
Missy stirred, hearing the commotion to her left. Through a swollen left eye, she could barely see someone beating up on Farmer. When her vision focused, she realized it was Holland. She tried to move her hands down to cover herself, but failed. Holland stopped punching Farmer when he realized he was passed out. He stood up, looking over at Missy. She tried to turn her body away from him. He went out to the car, leaving her tied to the couch. He came back in with his jacket, covering her up. He cut the rope from above her head, allowing her her arms to fall to her side. She slipped into the jacket, sitting up.
"I've called the cops. They are on the way. Go wait in the car. You don't need t be in here anymore," Holland said to Missy.
"H-How did you know where I was?" she asked, on the verge of tears.
"I saw him take you. I followed you, but lost you on the highway. I had to back track. I'm sorry he was able to get this far with you. I should have gotten hear sooner," he said running his hand through his hair.
"Don't be sorry. I am just glad you came. Thank you for saving me," she said, standing on her shaking legs. He grabbed her before she fell back onto the couch. He walked her to the door with his arm around her shaking shoulders.  

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